About Sunny's

We are Jayson, Dawn and Sunny Poole and we own and operate Sunny's! We (Jayson and Dawn) worked together in retail for almost 15 years before branching out to do something for ourselves.  First opening for business in July 2020 as an adults comfort shoe store armed only with the understanding that the road ahead wouldn't be easy, we soon realized how hard opening a brick & mortar business (at the beginning of a global pandemic, no less) could be.  Ultimately the uncertainty of the times has been a favor and given us grace to truly find out where we fit and how we are best suited to serve the public.  Of all the changes our business has seen with new locations, different products catering to different clients, our current endeavor feels right and, as parents of a young child ourselves, is the most exciting! We are very pleased to offer a wonderful selection of goods for littles aged 2 - 8.  From personal care and everyday, quality clothing to engaging toys, books, craft kits, outdoor activities and games, we have an enticing selection of all sorts of items to assist children as they learn through play. 

With growth we look forward to being your one-stop-shop for all the things you'd want the littles you love to have. We are dedicated to offering you and them a cherished experience and we eagerly invite you for feedback and requests of items that you know they love. 

In addition to our detailed selection of kids goods you will also find that we have a lot of fun, oriented for kids, events on Saturday's here at the shop.  Please check in with us to keep updated about the latest happenings with our favorite local artists, creators and food vendors.